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Are you worried about what having to file back taxes will do to your financial situation? When back tax debt has you down, there’s no reason to panic. Instead, get in touch with the tax help pros at The Tax Rescue Group. We provide help with back taxes for individuals and business owners throughout the Detroit metro area and nationwide. Whether you haven’t filed your back taxes yet or you’re struggling to find ways to pay those you’ve just filed, our enrolled agents can provide you with comprehensive tax assistance. Call  us today to get your  taxes under control and pave the way for a better financial future!

The longer you put off dealing with back taxes, the more money you’re likely to owe. When you don’t pay the IRS in full, you’ll accrue late fees and penalties that will continue to add up over time. To ensure that your tax debt doesn't spiral out of control, you should turn to The Tax Rescue Group for tax assistance with your unpaid taxes.

Our tax resolution specialists can offer assistance with any of the following services:
  • Filing late returns
  • Correcting misfiled returns
  • Determining your best option for repayment
  • Negotiating tax settlement options
  • Lifting wage garnishment, levies, or liens
  • Offering advice on how to avoid back tax in the future
  • And so much more!

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Back Taxes Help You Can Trust

If you’re currently struggling with IRS back taxes, there’s no doubt that you’ll be worried about how to resolve your issues and protect your finances. When you hire our enrolled agents to help with back taxes issues, you can rest assured that you’ll get service you can rely on.

Our tax pros are fully insured for your peace of mind, and we have a great deal of experience helping with back tax issues. From handling late tax returns to helping clients negotiate tax settlements, we’re here to aid you in any way that we can.

At The Tax Rescue Group, we believe that every tax problem has a solution, and we’ll work closely with you to ensure that you find the best possible way to deal with your unpaid taxes. With our help, filing back taxes or finding an easy way to reduce your tax debt is simple. Just turn to us with your tax problems today, and we’ll get to work on making your delinquent taxes a problem of the past.

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There’s virtually no tax problem that our fully licensed enrolled agents can’t handle, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us when you need help unraveling a tax issue.