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IRS Audits


Stop stressing over that IRS audit! We can help!

If you’ve recently received notice of an impending tax audit, you’re probably racking your brain, trying to figure out where you made a mistake. In some cases, there’s an easy answer. But even if you do figure out the error, you still have to go through the audit, and that can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. Fortunately, The Tax Rescue Group is here to ensure that you get the help you need when you’re facing an audit by the IRS. We offer professional audit defense and representation for individuals and business owners throughout Detroit and the surrounding communities. Our goal is to help our clients not only successfully navigate the audit itself, but to also provide you with the peace of mind you deserve and the professional guidance you need to approach the tax audit without stress. Whether you need assistance dealing with all of the paperwork for IRS audits or you require representation at the audit itself, our enrolled agents are here to offer you top-notch assistance. For tax audit representation and solutions for other tax problems, get in touch with our team of enrolled agents today. We offer free estimates for our audit defense services!

Facing IRS audits requires getting through a mountain of paperwork, and doing this on your own can be tiresome and downright impossible. However, there’s no need to stress over these tasks when you have the tax professionals from The Tax Rescue Group to help you. Our fully insured enrolled agents can provide you with expert assistance during an audit from the IRS, so that you don’t have to worry at all. If the idea of an audit makes you nervous, we’re here to offer you full representation at the hearing. You can relax, feeling confident that our audit defense specialists will handle every detail of your case from start to finish. We’re the tax resolution specialists who can handle audits and all of your other tax problems with ease, so don’t even think about facing upcoming tax audits on your own.

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Taxa Solutions After IRS Audits

As a full-service tax resolution company, The Tax Rescue Group also offers tax resolution help after an audit from the IRS. If an audit determines that you’ve underpaid your taxes or that you’ve filed incorrectly, then you’ll have an outstanding debt that you owe to the IRS. Our IRS settlement experts will help you decide on the best way to handle this unpaid tax liability.

We specialize in providing taxpayers with tax settlement solutions, such as offer in compromise or installment agreements, and we can help you find a suitable resolution after an audit by the IRS. Don’t fret if you have a tax bill that you aren’t sure what to do with. Instead, turn to the IRS compromise pros at The Tax Rescue Group now to benefit from our individual or business audit services!

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